Swingm Closing Event

In this post, we are sharing with you the closing event of the Swingm program that took place in Tiznit, on April 26th.
Following the opening remarks, the attendees watched the amazing 16 videos submitted by our talented participants. Following that, the participants received their certificates of active participation in both workshops on design thinking, and storytelling, and video editing.
The closing event was also an opportunity to honor the efforts of the members who contributed greatly to the success of the program.
Congratulations to the top three winners! The three categories and winners are as follows:
-Best video making and editing prize: Mariam Talbi
-Best presentation prize: Mohamed Bizeguirne
-Best content prize: Aabir Essabous
Special thanks to all the participants for their great commitment, enthusiasm and talent! Many thanks to anyone who has contributed to the development, implementation and success of the Swingm program.